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New Voice has spent the last 25 years dedicated to bringing common sense answers to the public regarding their health and standard medical practices.

Now we extend this research to the entire planet as sunscreens have become ubiquitous and hazardous to all life in all the water habitats of the world where there has been human activity.

Finding out that sunscreen chemicals cause harm has made us redouble our efforts in getting the information our research has uncovered out to the entire global community.

Please help us spread the word that our entire ecosystem is at stake:

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New Voice wants to bring to the attention of health care consumers that treating the root causes of disease is the way to life-long vibrant health.

New Voice Publications (www.nvpub.net) supports books and authors who support common sense answers for treating disease that the standard medical practices and the health care industry do not recognize.  There are many physicians and health care practitioners who have scores of patients who get better with the these approaches.  Everyone needs to know there are other options available from these health care practitioners who think beyond the "standard of care" offered. 

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Elizabeth Plourde, C.L.S., NCMP, Ph.D.


Dr. Plourde is a licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist (C.L.S.) with degrees in both Biological Science and Psychology.  This training in the fields of both medicine and psychology is augmented by invaluable experience gained while working with cutting-edge medical laboratories specializing in the cancer and DNA research.

She is using this expertise to focus her attention on the hazards of sunscreens and how they are impacting our children and the environment.  Her information brings to light what has been clearly proven in studies for decades regarding the harm sunscreen chemicals cause.

Action needs to be taken quickly to prevent any more detrimental effects caused by unrestricted distribution of sunscreens containing chemicals that do more harm than good.

Her well rounded education and professional expertise has resulted in appearances on ABC's 20/20, Berman & Berman: For Women Only on the Health Channel, Good Morning America, George Noory's Coast to Coast AM, The Gary Null Show, and numerous television network news and radio programs.

Dr. Plourde has conducted health lectures in 34 states and internationally.  She is current presenting a 5 Lecture Series in Irvine, CA as follows:




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