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Sunscreen chemicals HARM humans, fish, and coral.

We have been told the sun is harmful and we need to protect our skin from its rays.

Yet, the chemicals used in sunscreens are not only more harmful to us than the sun, they are harmful to all water life that are bathed in the washed off sunscreens.

The evidence is clear:

  • They do not prevent skin cancers, they promote them.

  • Absorbed through the skin, they disrupt our body’s balanced hormone ecosystem.

  • Bio-accumulating in fish, they disrupt both freshwater and marine ecosystems.

  • Educate yourselves to protect your family and the planet from extinction.

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Sunscreen - Biohazard Summary  3:11

My Momentum Media interview

by Jakub Dolezac - Irvine Hilton 2011


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